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2000 Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting of

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

11 November 2000

Wisconsin State Patrol District 4 Headquarters, Town of Rib Mountain near Wausau, Wisconsin

The meeting was called to order at 13:15 by KC9NW.

Present were KC9UC, N9NQQ, K9DB, KB9VBR, N9NRA, KB9STB, WB9YZR and KC9NW.

Printed copies of the annual financial statement by Bill, KC9UC, were distributed. KB9VBR motioned to accept the statement. KB9STB second. Passed unanimously by acclamation.

Old Business:

IRS filing update:

K9DB relayed that K9PT has just received filing update in the past 2 days.

K9DB relayed a report by K9PT that the antennas may be put up in the next week. If the weather gets cold, the crews may not work much longer, and return in the spring. The newly constructed brackets for our new antennas should be completed in one week. Finances will be needed for the new antennas, brackets, hard-line, ect… After tax exempt status is approved, it is hoped donations could be accepted.

N9NRA inquired about the voting system, and if PL (private-line) would be required on the remote receivers?

Paul, K9DB answered it has yet to be determined. Rich, KC9NW advised we are presently transmitting PL so this would not be a problem. It is presently not yet on the receive side, hoping not to restrict any member that doesn’t have PL encoding capability. This feature can be commanded on and off via control operator control.

New Business:

WB9YZR mentioned interesting facts about the new Rib Mountain tower, and some of the challenges of its construction. KC9NW gave the group information about the old tower and the RMRA location of approximately 290 ft, and the proposed new location of approximately 250 ft on the new tower. It was discussed by KC9UC that the directional aspect of the new towers large face dimension, would be an important factor in our new radiation pattern. KC9UC then passed out an RF range study on the new tower, based on the new lower loss 1 5/8" hard-line that will be installed

WB9YZR advised RMRA should send a letter to the proper authorities, asking to leave up a portion of the old tower, to handle antenna needs for the future.

KC9UC talked about the problem with the Micor RF PA, at present it is being worked on.

K9DB mentioned the Phase IIID launch would be broadcast on 146.82, in an effort to further Amateur Radio exposure in general, and aid in educating the public on this fascinating part of advanced Amateur Radio experimentation.

K9DB gave a report on the RMRA web site he has created and is maintaining. Many positive reports on the quality of the site were mentioned, and thanks were given to Paul, K9DB for a job well done. Paul wanted to thank Mike, KB9VBR for web space offered in the future. Presently the site is atwww.dw.net/~nelles/rmra.home.html

Because there were only 5 candidates for 5 positions, no formal election needed to be held. In accordance with the by-laws, those 5 were automatically elected.

Therefore, RMRA Board of Directors for 2000-2001 consists of:

Rich Maier KC9NW

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT

Bill Bergs KC9UC

Paul Nelles K9DB

Scott Tatro N9NQQ

N9NQQ mentioned the Sunday evening swapnet needed additional net controls. Myron KB9STB volunteered.

Motion to adjourn by Scott N9NQQ, second by Andy N9NRA

Meeting adjourned at 14:45

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Bergs KC9UC