Thu, May 13, 2021

Emergency Procedures

The emergency autopatch to law enforcement access code is 911 (You need not dial *). This will connect you with Marathon County Emergency Dispatch.

Before you dial:

Get your facts straight in your head. Be able to state the nature of the emergency as clearly and concisely as possible. Be sure of your location and be ready to describe it as accurately as possible. 

If reporting an automobile accident, be sure of the highway or road you are on, and your distance from the closest intersection or landmark. If on a 4-lane, give the nearest mile marker if known. Determine which lane i.e.: north/south bound or east/west bound.

If requesting fire or ambulance, give the street address and/or fire number, and the municipality if known.

When you dial:

1. Declare an Emergency on frequency. (This is important as it informs other operators who may be on frequency of the severity of the situation.)
2. TouchTone 911
3. Give your name, not your callsign.
4. State that you are on an Amateur Radio Autopatch
5. State the nature of the emergency and your request.
6. Give the location.
7. Give any other relevant information
8. Release the PTT and wait for confirmation or instructions. You will probably be asked to repeat certain information.
9. When complete, drop the autopatch with the "#" key.
10. Request assistance or the standby of any other operators on frequency if needed.
A typical call might go like this:

"K9DB emergency autopatch" (TouchTone 911)

answer: "Marathon County Emergency..."

"This is Paul Nelles. I'm calling on an Amateur Radio autopatch. I'm reporting and automobile accident with injuries, and requesting and ambulance and sqaud car, on Interstate 39, northbound lane, approximately 2 miles south of highway 153. This is a two car collision and the exact status of the occupants is not known at this time. The left lane is blocked by one vehicle. There is gasoline spilled on the roadway."
(listen for any questions or instructions)


"This is Paul Nelles. I'm calling on an Amateur Radio autopatch. I'm reporting a possible heart attack and requesting an ambulance at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the Town of Rib Mountain. The victim is a 60 year old male complaining of chest pains and is conscious at this time."

(wait for possible first aid or other instructions)

Note: Upon autopatching 911, the repeater will automatically go into emergency autopatch mode which will disable both the autopatch timeout timer and the carrier timeout timer.