Thu, May 13, 2021

1999 Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting of
The Rib Mountain Repeater Association
13 November 1999
Wisconsin State Patrol District 3 Headquarters, Town of Rib Mountain near Wausau, Wisconsin

The meeting was called to order at 13:21 by KC9NW.

Present were KC9UC, K9PT, W9GAA, K9DB, KB9VBR, and KC9NW.

Printed copies of the annual financial statement were distributed. K9PT motioned to accept
the statement. KC9UC second. Passed unanimously by acclamation.

Old Business:
KC9NW reported on the reassignment of the callsign "W9BCC" to the RMRA as a memorial.
The application has been made but was returned because of a fee increase that had recently 
taken effect. The reapplication with the correct fee has been made but as of the time of 
this meeting, the FCC has not yet made the reassignment.

K9DB reported on the status of the application being made for tax exempt status. Wausau 
Tax and Accounting has been retained to process the application. They are the same firm 
that processed a similar application for the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association. As of 
the time of this meeting, WT&A has all the information and materials they requested, but 
has not returned anything. K9DB will pursue this in the following week.

New Business:
KC9NW reported that the Midwest Area Coordinators Council (MACC) has requested all new
repeater systems be equipped with input PL tone capability, and recommends input PL on 
all existing systems. A discussion followed on the pros and cons of installing PL on the 
RMRA systems, in particular the .22/.82 repeater. By consensus the membership decided that 
all RMRA systems for now will remain carrier access. KC9NW addressed the issue of autopatch 
access code changes. He recommended that since there has been little access abuse, no 
changes be made. By consensus the membership decided that no access code changes be 
made at this time.

K9DB announced that the club has been approached by KF9RU, who is currently not a member, 
offering to build an RMRA web page. The offer would include all programming but not a host 
site. KB9VR volunteered server space to host the site. By consensus the membership decided 
to allow KF9RU proceed with the creation of an RMRA web page. K9DB will be the club contact.

K9PT expressed concern over the aging ACC Systems RC-850 controller. K9PT has contacted 
the controller's servicing agency. They claim the unit is Y2K compatible. KC9NW reported 
that he had run a test by setting the system clock ahead, and that no problems were 
encountered.  K9PT stated that the unit is of 1970's vintage and that some parts may be 
unavailable. There are several more modern and units on the market with more capabilities. 
By consensus the membership decided that the acquisition of a new controller be researched, 
and that if possible, be included in any request for funding from outside sources.

Results of the election of officers for the 1999-2000 fiscal year were announced. Only KC9NW 
and K9PT had formally declared themselves in writing as candidates. In accordance with the 
by-laws they were therefore automatically elected. The remaining three positions were filled 
by election at the meeting. KC9UC, W9GAA, and N9QQ were nominated from the floor. KC9UC 
moved and K9DB seconded that the nominations be closed and that the secretary be instructed 
to cast a unanimous ballot for each of the three nominees. 
Passed unanimously.
The so elected RMRA Board of Directors for 1999-2000 consists of:  
Rich Maier KC9NW
Dean Andrewjeski K9PT
Bill Bergs KC9UC
Herb Bloedel W9GAA
Dick Trempe N9QQ

KC9NW requested permission to set up an experimental link from the .22/.82 system to the 
Hayward repeater at no financial expense to the RMRA. By consensus the membership decided 
to allow experimentation in this area.

K9PT reported on the construction of the new HDTV tower on Rib Mountain and its effect on 
the RMRA. The RMRA has been approved to install an antenna system identical to what is on 
the existing tower on the new tower. The RMRA has also been approved to install an exposed 
dipole array for the 146.22/.82 system and an exposed dipole array for the 444.30 system. 
The new tower should be finished by mid summer 2000 so the antenna will probably have to 
be installed within the next year. By consensus the membership decided to consult with 
the WVRA to discuss various combined antenna system and transmission line configurations.

A discussion was held on the ongoing misuse of the repeater by several individuals. 
Although no laws are apparently being broken, the provision discouraging excessive 
ragchewing in the RMRA Operating Procedures apparently is. It was felt the content and 
behavior of the individuals involved in these sessions is presenting a poor image for 
Amateur Radio in the community. It was felt that the recent drop in membership is due in 
part to this activity. It appears that the verbal and written warnings are going unheeded 
and that some form of enforcement may now be required. Various punitive measures were 
discussed, including a system shutdown at the discretion of the control operator. It was 
the consensus that since all RMRA repeaters are open machines, such action should not be 
based on status as an RMRA member. By consensus the membership deferred any further 
action against these individuals on this issue to the Board of Directors and the License 

The meeting was adjourned at 16:06.

Respectfully submitted, 

Paul Nelles, K9DB