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2001 Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting of

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

10 November 2001

Wisconsin State Patrol District 4 Headquarters, Town of Rib Mountain near Wausau, Wisconsin


The meeting was called to order at 13:12 by KC9NW.


Present were KC9UC, K9PT, K9DB, KB9VBR, N9NRA, KB9STB, N9PHC and KC9NW.


KC9UC read the minutes of the last meeting, motion to accept the minutes as read from K9DB, with a second from N9NRA, passed unanimously by acclamation.


Printed copies of the annual financial statement by Bill, KC9UC, were distributed. K9DB motioned to accept the statement. K9PT second. Passed unanimously by acclamation.


Old Business:


KC9UC mentioned outstanding bills, items that were needed due to the new tower move. Outstanding items include TX RX cross band couplers, 1 and 5/8" hardline and connectors, new VHF and UHF antennas, custom built tower mount, and grounding kits.


KC9NW mentioned that K9PT had to troubleshoot incorrectly labeled connectors on the TX RX coupler on the tower end. This had caused high VSWR, but Dean found the problem before any transmitter damage.


K9DB said the Grant proposal is in progress, and much of the work on it is complete. Paul is open for any help offered to get it submitted as soon as possible.


New Business:


KC9NW gave a status report of the system, including that both the VHF and UHF RMRA repeaters are now on the new tower, with 1 5/8" hardline in place of the old towers 7/8" and ½" hardline combinations. UHF range is reported to be outstanding, while the VHF range is not completely tested yet, due to problems recently with the VHF Transmitter power amplifier. Presently KC9NW and K9PT have returned the Spectrum Communications Transmitter to service. Replacement parts are on hold, pending the outcome of the Grant Proposal Project.


The receiver preamp will be reinstalled shortly, as it has been removed for several years, in an effort to reduce noise that was being generated on the old tower/antenna system. Tower noise is still a problem on the new installation, and we are presently using split transmit and receive antennas on the 146.82 system, until troubleshooting can be attempted. It was mentioned that a backup plan would be to secure another antenna/feedline on the tower, and possibly split the antennas permanently. More funding would be required from the Grant Proposal.


K9PT mentioned how lucky we are to get the tower space we have, as the new tower is "premium vertical real estate" that fetches $3 to $5 per foot, per month!

KC9NW mentioned the recent addition of IRLP, Internet Relay Linking Project, in which Dean K9PT, his son Ivan, KB9RFB, and Rich, KC9NW are using on the 444.300 repeater. In IRLP, a PC running LINUX, and a high speed internet connection, allows linking hams from remote vhf systems around the world, through the internet, and out again on the RMRA 444.300 repeater system. It has been working great with one problem, an interference issue with the 444.100 WVRA repeater. It turns out to be an A+B-C mix, which may not be solvable. More work will be forthcoming on the interference issue, which always would have been present, but which was not noticed before the great increase in activity on the 444.300 repeater.


K9PT would like to add a 6-meter link into the IRLP in the near future.


KC9NW mentioned that we may go to PL receive in the near future, and it was mentioned that most hams are using radios today that would have no problem switching over.

K9DB mentioned the RMRA web site, located at It is up and running well, with over 100 hits per week. Paul brought up a privacy issue about telephone numbers listed in a roster posted on the internet. Paul noted that anyone not wishing their telephone number to be listed, should contact him to have it removed.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Motion by K9DB, second by N9NRA,

To amend the RMRA by-laws Article III Section 4 Subsection (a) to read in whole:

(a). On or about September 1 of each year the RMRA Secretary shall mail to each member in good standing as of September 1, and/or conspicuously post to the RMRA website, a call for nominations for the Board of Directors. The notice shall request any interested candidate for such nomination to declare himself/herself in writing or via e-mail to the RMRA Secretary prior to October 1.


Passed Unanimously



Motion by K9DB, second by KB9STB,

To amend the RMRA by-laws Article III Section 4 Subsection (b) to read in whole:


(b). In the event more than five candidates have been declared, on or about October 10 the RMRA Secretary shall mail a ballot to each member in good standing as of October 10 listing the candidates for the Board of Directors. The balloting shall be in such form as to preserve the secrecy of each member's vote and prevent any unauthorized duplication. No ballot shall be provided to any person joining RMRA after the ballots have been mailed. If five or less candidates have been declared, ballots may, but need not be mailed.


Passed Unanimously



Motion by K9DB, second by N9NRA,

To amend the RMRA by-laws Article III Section 4 Subsection (f) to read in whole:


(f). In the event that five or less than five candidates declare themselves for nomination for the Board of Directors in accordance with subsection (a) above, the declared candidate(s) shall be declared elected and the President shall invite nominations for the remainder of any unfilled board position(s) from the floor at the annual meeting. At the close of such nominations, the members present will thereupon cast their ballots for such nominee(s) of their choice. The nominee(s) receiving the highest number of votes shall be the one(s) declared elected supplemental to the declared candidates under subsection(a) above.


Passed Unanimously



Motion by K9DB, second by KB9STB,

That the Board of Directors of the RMRA be empowered to modify the RMRA logo as needed to reflect the contemporary tower configurations on Rib Mountain and Mosinee Hill.


Passed Unanimously




K9PT moved, and second by N9NRA, a motion to pursue ARRL club affiliation. This would require greater than 50% of the membership to be League members. This motion unanimously passed. It might give us breaks on insurance for the RMRA equipment.



There were 5 nominations for 5 positions, so no formal elections had to be held.

The board members for the year 2001-2002 are:


Rich Maier KC9NW - President

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT - Vice President

Bill Bergs KC9UC - Sec/Treasurer

Paul Nelles K9DB - Member at Large, and Webmaster

Mike Martens KB9VBR - Member at Large




Motion to adjourn by KB9STB, second by N9NRA, KC9NW adjourned the meeting at 14:50.


Respectfully Submitted,


Bill Bergs, KC9UC