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2004 Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting of

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

13 November 2004

Hereford and Hops Restaurant, Sherman St., Wausau, Wisconsin


The meeting was called to order at 12:36 CST by President KC9NW.


The business meeting began with the program. Wisconsin Education Communications Board Engineer and RMRA member Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR gave a presentation entitled “Broadcast High Definition Television, A Brief Technical Description”.


Present were:       

        Rich Maier KC9NW                     Bill Bergs KC9UC                     Dean Andrewjeski K9PT

        Mike Martens KB9VBR         Rich Nesbitt N9MO                        Dennis Lennon K9DEN                 

        Dan Sharpee KB9RXA                 Gerry Graebel W9GLG                      Dennis Shawl W9PBB

        Jack Klein N9LIA                        Lew Sheerar K9JPS                        Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR

        Ivan Andrewjeski KB9RFB                    Brian Seehafer N9ATQ                      Joe Glinski KG9B

        Paul Nelles K9DB                         Rod Morange WA9NBC                  Al Lippert KA9PML


All officers and Board members were present.


KC9NW announced that in accordance with the bylaws, since only five members had declared themselves as candidates for the board, those five candidates were declared elected. They are Rich Maier KC9NW, Bill Bergs KC9UC, Rich Nesbitt N9MO, Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR, and Paul Nelles K9DB.


KC9NW recognized the two outgoing board members Dean Andrewjeski K9PT and Mike Martens KB9VBR,and thanked them for their services.


A formal reading of the minutes of the 2002 general membership meeting were dispensed with since they had been published on the website. The minutes were approved as published by unanimous acclamation.


Treasurer’s Report (KB9VBR):


Printed copies of the Treasurer’s Report were distributed by Treasurer Mike Martens KB9VBR. A verbatim copy of the report follows:


                    Treasurer’s Report to be inserted here.


The Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented by unanimous acclamation.



The President’s Annual Report (KC9NW):


The RMRA has remained on the Rib Mountain candelabra for the original minimal rent of $1 per month. There have been very few equipment upgrades in the last year since most external components were replaced during last year’s tower move. The association will be looking to replace the exciters, power amplifiers, and control systems in 2005.


Old Business:


K9PT reported that the lease agreement that is being drawn up with the state for the systems on Rib Mountain will include the electrical power consumption in the lease fee. Based on metering over the past year, at 4¢ per kilowatt hour, the rate that will be charged the RMRA, this should come to about $36 per year.


KC9NW announced that the IRLP access restriction by access code, that had been enabled due to unauthorized activation of the IRLP system, would be removed until such time as necessary.


New Business:


K9PT presented a proposal to establish a western Marathon County remote input into the 146.22/.82 system. This input would be located at a state owned tower in the town of Brighton, approximately two miles east of the village of Unity. Much of the equipment necessary fore this system, including the voter, has already been obtained or is owned by the RMRA. A detailed discussion followed.


Since the establishment of a remote input had been approved in principle at a prior meeting, no action by this body was required. However,


N9MO motioned and WB9YZR seconded:

The RMRA membership reaffirms the establishment of a remote input and receiver/voter system as soon as practical, with the first unit at Brighton.

Passed unanimously by acclamation.


K9JPS motion and W9GLG seconded:

The board is authorized to pursue an alternative more advanced system at Brighton, such as a full repeater, if practical.

Passed unanimously by acclamation.


The meeting was adjourned at 14:58 CST.


Respectfully submitted,





Paul Nelles K9DB, Secretary