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2005 Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting of

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

5 November 2005

(Approved by the Board of Directors for to the website on 20 Feb 2006.)

Hereford and Hops Restaurant, Sherman St., Wausau, Wisconsin


The meeting was called to order at 13:16 CST by President KC9NW.


Present were:   

      Rich Maier KC9NW      Dean Andrewjeski K9PT       Rich Nesbitt N9MO             Dan Sharpee KB9RXA       Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR         Ivan Andrewjeski KB9RFB              Paul Nelles K9DB      Gerry Werner WB9WBN     


All officers and Board members were present with the exception of Bill Bergs who had a prior commitment with the Civil Air Patrol.


Election of Officers:

KC9NW announced that there were four announced candidates for the five board positions. Those four were Paul Nelles K9DB, Bill Bergs KC9UC, Rich Maier KC9NW, and Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR, and in accordance with the bylaws were declared elected.


Incumbent board member Rich Nesbitt N9MO announced he would not seek another term due to other commitments and time availability.


WB9YZR nominated Dean Andrewjeski K9PT for the fifth position. There were no other nominees. Nominations were closed and Andrewjeski was elected by unanimous acclamation.


Secretary’s Report:

Minutes of the previous General Membership Meeting of 13 November 2004 as posted on the association’s website were displayed on a projection screen and were accepted as posted.


Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer WB9YZR distributed printed copies of the annual report and an expenditure sheet showing monthly detail, and pie charts showing the expenditure percentages. He drew special attention to the charts’ indication that 41% of the 2005 expenditures were for the telephone line, and only 15% for capital improvements. The annual report is included here:




Category Spending

Rib Mountain Repeater Association


1-12-04 Through 6-11-05


Num         Date               Payee                                 Category                    Amount


Expense Categories




564          2-1-05           Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (6.39)

565          15-2-05         Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (32.58)

566          13-3-05         Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (38.76)

568          16-5-05         Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (48.06)

569          8-6-05           Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (24.05)

570          6-7-05           Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (24.05)

572          9-9-05           Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (47.96)

573          18-10-05       Verizon                              Bills : Telephone        (23.98)


Total Telephone Bills                                                                                (245.83)



Insurance - Unassigned

574          26-10-05       Safeco Business Insurance   Insurance                   (252.00)


Total Insurance                                                                                                            (252.00)



567          2-5-05           LDG Electronics, Inc.        Parts                          (87.00)


Total Parts                                                                                                                  (87.00)



Taxes - Unassigned

571          14-8-05         Dep't of Financial Institutions Taxes                   (10.00)


Total Taxes                                                                                                                 (10.00)



Grand Total                                                                                                             (594.83)




Monthly Cash Flow


1-12-04 Through 6-11-05



                                                                     1-12-04 -            1-1-05 -           1-2-05 -           1-3-05 -           1-4-05 -           1-5-05 -           1-6-05 -           1-7-05 -           1-8-05 -           1-9-05 -           1-10-05 -           1-11-05                                                           

Sub-category                                               31-12-04            31-1-05           28-2-05           31-3-05           30-4-05           31-5-05           30-6-05           31-7-05           31-8-05           30-9-05           31-10-05            6-11-05                                                            Total



Donation                                                                                                         100.00                                                                                                                                     50.00                                                                                                                                      150.00

Dues                                                                                                                80.00                                                                                                                                       20.00                                                                                                                                      100.00

Other Income

Other Income                                                                         59.67                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              59.67

  - Unassigned

Total Other Income                                                               59.67                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              59.67

Total Income                                                                          59.67               180.00                                                                                                                                     70.00                                                                                                                                      309.67




Telephone                                                                               6.39                 32.58               38.76                                       48.06               24.05               24.05                                       47.96               23.98                                                                                      245.83

Total Bills                                                                                6.39                 32.58               38.76                                       48.06               24.05               24.05                                       47.96               23.98                                                                                      245.83


Insurance - Unassigned                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 252.00                                                                                    252.00

Total Insurance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              252.00                                                                                    252.00

Parts                                                                                                                                                                                        87.00                                                                                                                                                                                                              87.00


Taxes - Unassigned                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10.00                                                                                                                                      10.00

Total Taxes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     10.00                                                                                                                                      10.00

Total Expenses                                                                       6.39                 32.58               38.76                                       135.06             24.05               24.05               10.00               47.96               275.98                                                                                    594.83


Income less Expenses                                                            53.28               147.42             (38.76)                                    (135.06)          (24.05)            (24.05)            60.00               (47.96)            (275.98)                                                                                 (285.16)



The report was accepted as presented.



President’s Report:

KC9NW distributed printed copies of his President’s Report. That report is included here:



Presidents Annual Report


2004/2005 had been a year of ‘stabilization’ following may tower and location changes.  A lot has happened which I would like to cover with everyone. 


I would like to thank the Board members who made this year a success.  The R.M.R.A. is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation, staffed entirely by volunteers, that maintains the, 146.82 MHz, 444.30 MHz and soon to be back on 53.450 MHz Amateur Radio repeaters on and near Rib Mountain near Wausau, Wisconsin for the benefit of the public.  We exist off the dues and donations.  


The main emphasis this year was in obtaining funding for many of our upcoming projects which were put on hold with the past tower and building project.  The RMRA board and Paul especially put in a lot of time and effort on the grant process.  Through recommendations WVRA and RMRA combined efforts and a grant request was submitted to the leading foundations in the Wausau area.  We received only a small portion of the requested funding which only allowed for the WVRA to complete their tower work.  The grant requests program I see continuing next year into 2006


With that behind us I am looking at the future.  We are looking at establishing our first remote input / voter system to provide hand held coverage in weak areas.  Implementing systems with our neighbors to the south and improving the RF to our west.   Also the procurement of newer equipment will be a priority this year.  To keep projects moving along faster I feel we need to implement technical meeting at least every other month.  This will be discussed more with the new board members.


You can get more information on our web site at WWW.RMRA.WS.  If you have not given IRLP a try, go to 444.300 repeater. 


Thank you for coming and 73 for now


Rich Maier









Old Business


Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP):

  • KC9NW reported that the system has operated fairly well throughout the past year and was popular during Hurricane Katrina.
  • He said the weak link in the system may be the RF link from the repeater to the Internet interface at his residence. The engineering team has been looking at alternative linking configurations.
  • There is the possibility that a 2nd link frequency may be employed.
  • There was a question raised by an ARRL Official Observer about inadequate identification on the link transmitter. This problem was only apparent during long continuous transmissions such as the Sunday night WestLink Report which typically runs as long as 20 minutes without breaking for ID. Some ID’er reconfigurations were made and the OO was apparently satisfied with these arrangements.


Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) Implementation:

WB9YZR reported that the S.A.M.E. implementation, has been favorably accepted, especially during the weather nets. Several options that might expand its control capability are being explored.


Brighton Remote Input Project:

K9PT reported that although most if not all the equipment has been obtained, this project has temporarily been put on hold. The financial resources necessary to hire the crew to install the antennas and transmission line may be needed to take advantage of the opportunity to reposition the Rib Mountain antenna. K9PT estimated that it would cost about $600 for an installation crew if that crew were already present for another installation.


Grant Applications in 2005:

K9DB reported that application for funding was made jointly with the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association, to the Walter Alexander, the Judd Alexander, and the Dudley Foundations. Due to the initial stipulation that the first $14,000 raised would go the WVRA, the RMRA would receive none of the $5000 awarded by the Walter Alexander Foundation.


Grant Application Process for 2006:

K9PT motioned and KB9RFB seconded that:

K9DB be designated Grant Application Coordinator and Writer, and that he be authorized to act in the name of the association in matters regarding grant application.

There was no discussion.

Passed by unanimous acclamation.



New Business


Discontinuance of the Telephone Line:

N9MO motioned and KB9RFB seconded that:


The telephone line to the repeaters on Rib Mountain be discontinued at the soonest convenient time.


Discussion followed:

WB9YZR said telephone line is cost $245 over the past twelve months, for an average of two autopatch calls per month. There was concern that even though there is no a large volume of calls, access to 911 may be important, even though the use is infrequent. WB9YZR said there was no way of telling if any of those calls were 911. It was pointed out that the phone line was also used for the legal control link. KC9NW suggested that the link could be replaced by an RF link, and that there might be alternatives to the autopatch.

Passed by unanimous acclamation.


Amendments to Bylaws:

K9DB motioned and KC9NW seconded that:


   The following be added to the bylaws as Article III Section 7 paragraph (c):

All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be open to all members of the organization in good standing. At these meetings, non-board members shall be allowed to address the board, but the degree of their participation shall be at the discretion of the board.


Discussion followed with no modifications made to the original motion.

Passed by unanimous acclamation.


N9MO motion and K9PT seconded that:


   Article II Section 2 of the bylaws be amended with a paragraph (f) to read:

A lifetime membership in the RMRA may be obtained for the payment of twenty times the annual dues payment, subject to the restriction that the membership shall only be active while the member holds a valid Amateur Radio license as described in Article II Section 1 of these bylaws.


Discussion followed with modifications made to the original motion which were accepted as friendly amendments. (The wording of the motion as recorded above reflects those amendments.)

Passed by unanimous acclamation.


N9MO motion and K9PT seconded that:


   Article II Section 2 of the bylaws be amended with a paragraph (g) to read:

The status of “Honorary Member” may be conferred on any individual regardless of licenses held by the board of directors, or by majority vote of the membership present at any business meeting. An honorary member shall hold no voting rights, nor be eligible to hold office, but shall have all other rights as a member.      


Discussion followed with minor modifications made to the original motion which were accepted as friendly amendments. (The wording of the motion as recorded above reflects those amendments.)

Passed by unanimous acclamation.




K9DB motioned and N9MO seconded that:


   Article VI be appended with:

Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be shall be submitted to the Secretary no less than 40 calendar days before the general membership meeting where the action on the amendments is to take place. The Secretary shall be responsible for conspicuously posting notice of the amendments on the organization’s website for a period of no less than 30 calendar days immediately prior to the general membership meeting, and/or mail such to each member in good standing no later than 30 calendar days immediately prior to that meeting.

Discussion followed:


Passed by unanimous acclamation.


Other Motions and Business:

K9DB said that the RMRA has received a request on behalf of a deceased Amateur, that a posthumous membership into the RMRA be granted. This request was made so that the individual would be eligible for a “Silent Key” page on the website. K9DB said he deliberately did not put this into the form of a motion since there were several ways a posthumous membership could be established, if at all. After discussion, it was decided not to establish a posthumous membership, because this might diminish the significance of the memorial pages to the existing Silent Key members. An alternative of a “Donors’ Memorial Page” addition to the website will be pursued.

K9DB motioned and N9MO seconded that:

The status of Lifetime Member be conferred on Lew Sheerar K9JPS, and that the normal payment of 20 times the annual dues be waived.


Discussion followed:

K9DB said that it was appropriate to confer this honor on K9JPS as it is believed he is the only charter member still active in the association, that his membership has been continuous, and that because of his initial efforts in organizing the first meetings, he is considered by many in the organization to hold the unofficial title, “The Father of the RMRA”.

Passed by unanimous acclamation.


Meeting adjourned at 16:03 CST.


Respectfully submitted:


Paul Nelles K9DB,