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2012 Annual Meeting


Minutes of the

Annual General Membership Meeting of

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

12 November 2011

The Wausau Room of the Marathon County Public Library, Wausau, Wisconsin


The meeting was called to order at 13:17 CST by President KC9NW.


Present were:  

      Dean Andrewjeski K9PT           Rich Maier KC9NW

      Brian Seehafer N9ATQ             Dave Peters KC9LFG

      Paul Nelles K9DB                     Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR

      Pat Morath KB9TW


Board member Tony Hermanek K9QM was absent due to a business commitment.


Deceased Members:

A moment of silence was held for the memory of the following members, current and past, who passed away in the past year.

                  Lew Sheerar K9JPS                      Richard “Doc” Roberts K9BX 

                  Cliff VanDerWall  K9WDW        Phil Neubauer KB9DZG


Secretary’s Report:

K9DB - Printed copies of the minutes of the previous General Membership Meeting of 6 November 2011 were distributed and were accepted as presented


Treasurer’s Report:

Presented by N9ATQ:



Rib Mountain Repeater Association

2010-2011 Treasurer's Report

As of 11/12/11

Prepared by Brian Seehafer N9ATQ


BEGINNING BALANCE                             $548.87




Dues                                                              $280.00

Miscellaneous contributions                  $1400.00

Checking interest                                            $1.49

TOTAL INCOME                                        $1681.49





Post Office Box                                              $60.00

Brighton Site Lease                                    $120.00

WI Corporation fee                                       $10.00

Wave Communications                             $411.45

Northway Communications                                $1266.00

Indiana Insurance                                      $289.00

TOTAL EXPENSES                                             $2156.45




Beginning Balance                                   $548.87

Income                                       (+)         $1681.49

Expenses                                    (-)         $2156.45


BALANCE                                                    $73.91 (agrees with bank statement)







President’s Report:

Presented by KC9NW:


Presidents Annual Report 




2010/2011 has come and gone which seemed like with lighting speed. But what have we done over the last fiscal year?  The biggest challenge was eliminating the noise problem which started over the last winter on the 82 system.  The noise was initially intermittent on some windy days but then it was gone for weeks.  Near the end it came back progressively getting worse and now it was affecting communications.  Dean did reconfigure the antenna system which worked around the problem.  This fall we had an opportunity to get a crew on the tower and look at the problem.   They replaced the antenna and top interconnecting cable. I am glad to report we are back to normal operation. 

Our other problem was we lost our internet connection which took quite a while to get resolved.  One of our goals is to have an alternate means of getting internet up to the 82 repeater site.   What also complicated the above was the access road was closed for major reconstruction.  This year the 82 system was a participant in the first time ever national Emergency alert system test.


The transfer of the W9LTA systems to RMRA was completed at the end of last year.  The system was also coordinated with WAR in December. The repeaters are 146.700 and 442.675.  They are located near Coloma and located in the south central region of Wisconsin.


At the end of 2009 we acquired a total new digital DSTAR Repeater “stack”.  This puts us on all the bands of 2 m (VHF), 70 cm UHF), and 23 cm 1.2 GHz) amateur radio bands.  This year we have been experimenting with different configurations on the RF side to give better performance of the systems.


The moving of the 145.41 repeater system to the Brighton tower as expected filled big void to western Marathon County and many counties to the west with the positioning of antenna on the west side of the tower to favor the South, North and West directions.  All the reports back this year have been positive!!


I encourage everyone interested to help fulfill the goals and purpose of RMRA as well as Amateur Radio.  The Board meetings are the third Monday of each month.  Let us know if you are interested in any of the technical aspects that you can help out. 


I would like to thank those who are R.M.R.A. members and those who made donations to make our projects possible this year.  The R.M.R.A. is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation, staffed entirely by volunteers, that maintains a number of Regional wide area Amateur Radio repeaters in central Wisconsin for the benefit of the public.  We exist off the dues and donations so I thank everyone for their past support of R.M.R.A. organization. I hope your future support will allow us to continue and grow. 


You can get more information on our web site at WWW.RMRA.WS.  If you have not given IRLP a try go to 444.300 repeater.  Also go out and try a little D-Star. They are both interesting bands to work and experiment with.


Thank you for coming and 73 for now



Rich Maier  




Regular Business


Election of Board Members

As there were no candidates that had declared themselves as candidates for the board so President KC9NW called for nominations from the floor.


K9PT, KC9NW, KC9LFG, K9DB, K9QM were nominated.


Nominations were closed and the five were elected by unanimous acclamation.



Systems Report:


IRLP – KC9NW reported that IRLP is growing nationally having doubled in the last two years. The RMRA has nodes on two machines, node 4709 on146.82 and node 4380 on 444.30.


EAS – K9PT reported the RMRA participated in the National Emergency Alert System test on November 10th. The RMRA systems and all state ECB systems triggered successfully but the audio fed from Washington was distorted and had looping audio. More tests are expected.


Brighton Repeater System - KC9NW reported the system has been performing well to the north, west, and south. La Crosse National Weather has been


Coloma System - KC9NW reported acquisition of this system was finalized in December of 2010 when the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters recognized the reassignment of the frequency allocations to the RMRA.


D-STAR Repeaters - The D-STAR stack has been performing well. A new triplexer is needed on 1.2GHz so voice and data can be fed and received on the same antenna.


Members Round Table

K9DB reported the RMRA newsletter Telemetry, did not quite get off the ground. The initial edition was assembled but not distributed. It will be published in the next year.


K9PT reported the new controller, a Link System RLC-DSP404, after some initial software problems that were solved with the help of the manufacturer has been largely configured but not yet installed.


K9PT said he is investigating a 50 Mb internet access in the 1.2 GHz Ham band.


K9PT said that the RMRA is still in the possession of Lew Sheerar’s HF radio which is set up on Rib Mountain and is accessible over the internet with Ham Radio Deluxe.

He said he would like, with the permission of the family, to refine this into the K9JPS Memorial Station.


KC9LFG Reported that during the past year he had applied for and received a new callsign for a new RMRA club license. The callsign is KC9TNN and KC9LFG is the trustee. This license is necessary in the process of applying for K9JPS as a memorial call.


KC9NW reported that Board meetings are the third Sunday of every month at 18:00 at Prehn Dental in Wausau.



Meeting adjourned at 15:58 CST.



Respectfully submitted,




Paul Nelles K9DB