Thu, May 13, 2021

August 2003 Board Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of

the Board of Directors of

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

17 August 2003

Wisconsin State Patrol Headquarters, Wausau, Wisconsin


The meeting was called to order at 19:24 CDT by President KC9NW.


Present were:       

    Rich Maier KC9NW, Dean Andrewjeski K9PT,  Mike Martens KB9VBR, and Paul Nelles K9DB.

    Bill Bergs KC9UC arrived late.


Antenna Status:

  • K9PT reported the tower crew has not yet been able to inspect the VHF antenna and bracket in an effort to discover the source of the noise problem. This will be done presently, but at their convenience.


  • By consensus the board decided that if an obvious problem is found not related to the antenna, the existing antenna is to remain in place. It also authorized K9PT to evaluate the tower crews’ analysis and make the decision as to whether or not to replace the antenna.


  • KB9VBR will check with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and attempt to obtain a state sales tax exemption for the RMRA. It is believed this will be facilitated by the club’s federal tax exempt status.


IRLP Report:

  • K9PT: The RMRA 444.3 MHz repeater was blocked from the Indianapolis repeater because our hang time (~.3 seconds) was too long. Indianapolis requires a 0 second hang time. We temporarily have access, but K9PT will work with the Indianapolis team to develop a permanent solution.


Other Tower Business:

  • K9PT reported the Joint Venture Group will be meeting next month. They will determine the final rental rate to be charged the RMRA for tower space.


Annual Meeting:

  • K9DB noted that the regular date of the annual meeting (2nd Saturday of November) coincides again, as it did in 2002, with the annual Wisconsin Emergency Coordinators’ Conference.


  • By consensus the board approved Saturday November 15, 2003 at 13:00 CST as the date and time for the annual meeting. The site is yet to be determined, but K9DB and K9PT will investigate Hereford and Hops Restaurant in Wausau.


  • K9DB said that he had talked to Wisconsin Section Manager Don Michalski about speaking at the meeting, but that he had already accepted an invitation to speak at the September Wisconsin Valley Radio Association meeting, and didn’t want to duplicate programs. K9DB will work at getting another program.


Fund Raising:

  • K9DB expressed concern over the possible negative consequences the WVRA’s fund raising efforts could have on the RMRA’s similar efforts. The WVRA is attempting to raise $24,000 from many of the same community funds and other sources as the RMRA. It us feared many contributors will be hesitant to give to both organizations. It was expressed that the RMRA should approach the WVRA in an effort to coordinate these efforts to minimize this negative effect. KB9VBR who sits on the boards of both organizations said he thought this coordination  was necessary. This idea will be presented at the upcoming WVRA fund raising committee meeting later this week.


Membership Recruitment:

  • KB9VBR said he will begin auditing the repeater to determine who the frequent non-member users are. He will then send them dues reminders.




Meeting adjourned at 21:30 CDT.



Respectfully Submitted,


Paul Nelles K9DB