Fri, May 14, 2021

December 2004 Board Meeting

RMRA Board of Directors Meeting

Conference Room 3

Marshfield Clinic, Wausau

13 December 2004


Called to order at 18:20 cst   



Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR, Rich Maier KC9NW, Rich Nesbitt N9MO, Paul Nelles K9DB


President’s Report:

KC9NW reported that he had talked to Lee Olson N9LO, president of the Marshfield Area Amateur Radio Society (MAARS) regarding the possibility of joint venture at the Brighton tower site. Olson said he had concerns over the limitations the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters (WAR) might place on the input, but did not rule out the possibility.


KC9NW said he has started the paperwork to get the WAR approval for the 146.22 MHz input at the Brighton site. He will also apply for a 2-meter repeater pair for Brighton.


Vice President’s Report:

N9MO said that he had reviewed the grant proposal and had submitted a sheet of suggestions and corrections to K9DB and KC9NW.


Secretary’s Report:

K9DB announced that the minutes of the annual meeting have been posted to the website.


Treasurer’s Report:

WB9YZR announced that he will be meeting presently with past treasurer KB9VBR to receive the books.


Other Business:

K9DB suggested the club approach Lew Sheerar K9JPS concerning the reassignment of his call after his death, and that, if agreeable to him, the RMRA make application for reassignment of K9JPS as a memorial callsign at that time. This callsign would be used at the Brighton site. K9JPS is considered the father of the RMRA. The consensus was to go ahead. K9DB will contact K9JPS.


WB9YZR said that K9PT suggested that the WAR application for the Brighton antenna should use an antenna height of 250 feet above the tower base. This height is currently limited by the length of 7/8 inch feedline now owned by the club.


K9DB reported that the LDG Electronics voter is in his possession. It is currently packaged in a temporary cabinet. K9DB has a 19 x 1.75 inch rack panel cabinet into which he will repackage it.


KC9NW inquired if anyone had any observations regarding the strobe interference to the .22/.82 system that was discussed at the annual meeting. The noise has apparently diminished. This may imply that it is moisture related. WB9YZR suggested that we should make an effort to make a record of conditions when the noise is present and when it is not.


Quarterly Meetings:

WB9YZR suggested a VHF/UHF clinic, or possibly a series of clinics, where members’ radios could be tested as to performance, sensitivity, power output, frequency accuracy, etc.


K9DB suggested three possible programs:

  • A meteorologist from a local TV station may be available to give a presentation on the weather equipment used at the local level.
  • A presentation and demonstration on the UNIX operating system is available.
  • The Universe in the Park, a joint NASA / University of Wisconsin Astronomy Department may be available over the summer. Such a program is usually held in a state park, and consists of a talk by a professional astronomer and an observing session. Rib Mountain would be an ideal location.

WB9YZR and K9DB will pursue the RF Clinic program.

K9DB will pursue the UitP program.



Meeting adjourned 19:52


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Nelles K9DB, Secretary