Wed, Apr 14, 2021

April 2005 Board Meeting

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

18 April 2005

Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center, 2nd floor meeting room



Board members present:

Rich Maier KC9NW               

Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR

Bill Bergs KC9UC

Rich Nesbitt N9MO

Paul Nelles K9DB

Non-board members present:

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT

Ivan Andrewjeski KB9RFB


The meeting was called to order at 18:30 CDT by President Rich Maier.


Treasurer’s report by Mark Hoenecke: $1904 in checking account.


The draft of the foundation grant request was reviewed in detail. A finalized version was agreed upon. This process took about two and a half hours.


A response regarding WVRA President Myron Oestreich’s filing of a joint request to the Judd Alexander Foundation in the name of the WVRA and RMRA was discussed. 


It was concluded that since, at the joint WVRA/RMRA board meeting of 23 February 2005, the RMRA board had voted to approve a joint letter to the Walter Alexander Foundation only, Oestreich had overstepped his authorization in sending a second letter or letters to the Judd Alexander and Dudley foundations.


It was decided that a letter to the WVRA be sent to Oestreich requesting a copy of any requests he sent jointly in the names of the WVRA and RMRA to any such foundation. The board then jointly drafted that letter. President KC9NW was designated to sign and mail it. A copy of the letter is attached to these minutes.


It was decided by consensus to send a bound copy of the general RMRA foundation grant request as supplementary information to John Michler, a Judd Alexander board member for his critique.


Discussion was held on possible solutions to the strobe noise and western antenna pattern null. K9PT is exploring several options to mitigate the problems including securing permission to move the antennas out of the strobe aperture.


The input at Brighton is proceeding with most of the equipment having been secured. Formal permission from the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board to deploy the input on site is expected shortly.


Meeting adjourned circa 22:00 CDT.

A copy of the letter sent to Myron Oestreich referenced in these minutes is attached in MS Word format.


Respectfully Submitted,


Paul Nelles K9DB