Thu, May 13, 2021

February 2006 Board Meeting

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Board of Directors

20 February 2006

WHRM-DTV Tech Workshop, Rib Mountain



Board members present:

Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR

Bill Bergs KC9UC

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT

Paul Nelles K9DB

President Rich Maier KC9NW was absent due to a family emergency.


The meeting was called to order at 17:35 CST by Vice-President Dean Andrewjeski K9PT.


Treasurer’s Report:


WB9YZR reported the telephone line for the autopatch has been disconnected as was decided at the general membership meeting in November.


Secretary’s Report:


Minutes of the last board meeting of 11 November 2005 were approved as presented and as posted to the web.


The Board also approved the posting to the web of the minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting of 11 November 2005 as distributed to the board via e-mail during the previous week.


Regular Business:


Community Foundation Grant:

K9DB announced that on December 24th, he received confirmation the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, had awarded a grant of $2000 to the RMRA to raise the antenna on the candelabra to the RMRA. The grant is conditional, requiring the RMRA raise the remainder of the funds for the project from other sources.


K9DB stated that regardless of what other funds might be obtained through other grants, the RMRA should make one good grass roots appeal from its membership and other area Amateurs. He stated such a fund raising effort is highly impressive to these granting foundations as it demonstrates an organization’s commitment to its cause.


After considerable discussion, it was agreed by consensus that such an effort should be made and that it should take the form of a mass mailing, appealing to RMRA members and at the same time soliciting memberships from non-members.

It was suggested that N9MO would be the appropriate individual from whom such a letter should come. K9DB will contact him to get his consent and ideas.


146.22/.82 System Antenna Project:

Lengthy discussion was held on the rearrangement of the antennas on the candelabra. Various tower configurations were examined. KC9UC suggested using split transmit/receive antennas. He said such a configuration would result in substantial isolation and would reduce the need for a duplexer to a single cavity on both sides.


It was agreed that as long as the antennas are side mounted, a severe null is inevitable. Discussion then focused on which direction the null should be oriented for least coverage impact. KC9UC suggested an east tower leg mount to maintain strong signal into the Wausau area to maintain the base membership. K9DB argued for a southwest leg mount to preserve coverage to the west and southwest, the most frequent directions of storm approach. No consensus was reached. Research will continue.


Autopatch Discontinuance:

The ramifications of the elimination of the telephone line and therefore autopatch on the 146.22/.82 system were discussed. While saving approximately $250 per year, a major negative effect will be the loss of emergency 911 capability. K9PT announced that he has obtained an analog cellular interface that could be configured into the system to allow autopatch to 911 only. He said this should work for the next two years before analog cellular service is eliminated. By consensus, the board authorized him to proceed with the interface.


IRLP on 146.22/.82

K9PT announced that the RMRA has received a request form the Marathon County ARES that the IRLP interface be extended to the 146.22/.82 repeater. The ARES would like to use the interface as a conduit to the National Weather Service at Green Bay. K9PT said that he informed them that IRLP service was already available on the 444.30 repeater, and that the ARES response was that not all area hams had UHF capability. Concern was voiced that this IRLP expansion might have the effect of the severe weather nets moving off the 146.82 repeater to another machine. The subsequent discussion included several advantageous uses of IRLP on the same machine as the active net, including giving Green Bay Weather the capability to monitor the net directly.


It was decided by consensus to configure the 146.82 repeater for IRLP, provided this capability is not used as a prima fascia reason the move the severe weather nets off the system.


Meeting adjourned 21:50.

Respectfully Submitted,


Paul Nelles K9DB