Thu, May 13, 2021

April 2008 Board Meeting

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

21 April 2008

WHRM-DTV Tech Workshop, Rib Mountain


Board members present:

Rich Maier KC9NW

Brian Seehafer N9ATQ

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT

Paul Nelles K9DB

Guest:  Dave Peters KC9LFG


The meeting was called to order at 19:38 CDT by President Rich Maier KC9NW. 


Secretary’s Report: K9DB

Printed copies of the minutes of the meeting of 17 March 2008 were distributed and accepted by

consensus as printed.


Treasurer’s Report: N9ATQ

            The treasury stands at $291.42.

            Since the annual meeting no new bills have been received, and no monies disbursed.

            $40 in dues have been received.

Accepted as presented by consensus.


Old Business:


Mailing to Members:

  • KC9NW has prepared a draft letter for a mailing to the general membership. This will replace the mailing that was not made before the general membership meeting in November.



  • K9PT repoted that Ivan Andrewjeski KB9RFB has incorporated PayPal into the website to facilitate dues payment. He said PayPal takes a fixed fee per transaction, about one dollar.


144.81/145.41 Repeater at Brighton:

  • K9PT said he is researching options to get the repeater deployed at a temporary height.



  • The control access to Echo-Link has been reconfigured.


  • Due to people bringing up the link without identifying, the system has been reconfigured to only allow repeaters and users that have linked radios interfaced to bring up the link.



  • Autopatch has been restored to the 146.82 system. Due to past experience, access to the autopatch will be closed system, i.e.: restricted to RMRA members.


New Business:


Topics from the Floor:

  • None


Meeting adjourned  20:32 CDT.

Respectfully Submitted,






Paul Nelles K9DB