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May 2008 Board Meeting

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

19 May 2008

WHRM-DTV Tech Workshop, Rib Mountain


Board members present:

Rich Maier KC9NW

Brian Seehafer N9ATQ

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT

Paul Nelles K9DB


The meeting was called to order at 19:02 CDT by President Rich Maier KC9NW. 


Secretary’s Report: K9DB

The minutes of the meeting of 21 April 2008 were read and accepted as read by

consensus as printed.


Treasurer’s Report: N9ATQ

            The treasury stands at $311.42.

            There are no outstanding bills.

            $20 in dues have been received in the last month.

Accepted as presented by consensus.


Old Business:


1.2 GHz Repeater:

  • K9PT reporteda new repeater pair has been coordinated by the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters for Rib Mountain for the new 1.2 GHz digital repeater.
  • K9PT has obtained permission for temporary use of a cable formerly used for a 2.5 GHz ITFS antenna. It is at the 175 ft level on the candelabra.
  • K9PT reported that he has done some field tests on the data system using NWS radar information via internet connections with excellent results. Coverage to the west has been observed so far extending out to 30 miles. Most good fixed locations for storm spotters have provided internet  connectivity for radar map downloads.
  • some field strength measurements for the data system that is running current weather radar on the antenna at the 125 foot level. The results are excellent. He said he had full coverage at hwys 153 and 107, a popular weather spotting site.
  • Two 1.2 GHz ICOM D-Star repeaters have been donated to the RMRA by KC9NW and K9PT. Donations are being sought to defray the cost of a triplexer. The triplexer will allow one antenna to be used by the voice repeater and a data receive and transmit radio that operates on the same frequency and switches between transmit and receive modes. This allows 128 kbs transfer rate that is about 100 times faster than packet radio.



  • K9PT reported he spent $60 for hardware for the autopatch. The board approved reimbursement by consensus.
  • KC9NW conducted a demonstration of the autopatch.


Mailing to Members:

  • KC9NW has finalized a letter for a mailing to the general membership. This will replace the mailing that was not made before the general membership meeting in November. It will also include a tri-fold Q&A flyer on the RMRA. He reported it will be mailed shortly.



  • K9DB reported no work has been done on the website since the last meeting. When next updated the site will announce the new 1.2 GHz repeater.


144.81/145.41 Repeater at Brighton:

  • K9PT said parts for the installation, including cable, butterfly clamps and grounding clamps have been acquired. Lightning arrestors are needed for about $60. A monoband antenna is available, but a $600 dual-band antenna would be more desirable. The cost of installation labor remains the major hurdle.



New Business:



  • K9PT reported that he received an e-mail from the owner of a 444.3 repeater in Platteville using the same 114.8 PL as Rib Mountain, asking if we have experienced any interference. K9PT responded that we would monitor. Another e-mail was received indicating that Platteville had moved to moved off to 444.325 MHz and went to the WAR PL tone plan for that region of the state.


Topics from the Floor:

  • None


Meeting adjourned  20:58 CDT.

Respectfully Submitted,






Paul Nelles K9DB