Wed, May 12, 2021

April 2009 Board Meeting

RMRA Board Meeting            4/20/09


Called to order by KC9NW


Present KC9NW, N9ATQ,K9QM,K9PT


Treasurer report give by N9ATQ we have $318 plus change.


Secretary report not given.  Paul was going to send it to Dean but he did not receive it for the meeting.


Old business

Discussed the controller and its need for replacement.  Initially replacement was put on hold awaiting grant possibilities.  One of the prior replacement options was the Link Communications controllers.  Dean found out they were going to have a large price increase on the RCL DSP404.controller.  Dean discussed the research he did after hearing of the price increase. 

Consensus was that it would be in RMRA best interest to purchase the unit before the price increase.  Options should be looked at for possible trade in of controller to Link or sell it out right depending on which ever was better.  Link had a trade in of $250 for the RC850 controller but we did not have the details.  Also discussed was phone interfacing options and expansion cards.


Motion was made to purchase the RCL DSP404 controller and expansion card.  All voted in favor. 

Brian would get the details on the trade in case selling the controller outright did not work we could then possible get trade in credit.  Brian would place order this week.


New business

Discussed insurance.  The main reason was for climbing the tower and causing damage to other entities.  now we can not climb the tower so the main need for that insurance is gone.

Motion to discontinue liability insurance was made.  Motion carried



Repair was made to power supply.  Found bad cap which was replaced.  During that repair it was found that meter was bad and it was replaced also.


K9PT presented proposal to upgrade the UHF repeater power.  All were in favor of upgrade.


Discussed IRLP and Green Bay weather needs for use on the 82 system.  Dean and Ivan will work with Christian on access.


closed meeting 8pm

Rich Maier