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August 2009 Board Meeting

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

17 August 2009

WHRM-DT Tech Workshop, Rib Mountain


Board members present:

Rich Maier KC9NW

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT

Paul Nelles K9DB

Brian Seehafer N9ATQ

Tony Hermanek K9QM


The meeting was called to order at 19:16 CDT by President Rich Maier KC9NW. 


Secretary’s Report: K9DB

  • Minutes of the meeting of 15 June 2009 were presented in print and accepted as presented by consensus.


Treasurer’s Report: Submitted by e-mail to the Secretary by N9ATQ

RMRA Treasurer’s Report as of 8/17/09


BALANCE                                                                $98.33


            N9ATQ reported the new repeater controller has been paid for.

The bill was approximately $1450.


Old Business:

New Repeater Controller:

  • K9PT reported he had been in contact with Steve at Link Communications. The new RMRA controller that had been sent back was on the workbench and the new chips had been installed. Tests appear to be going well. Based on this it was decided not to cancel the order.


144.81/145.41 Repeater at Brighton:

  • KC9NW reported that he and K9PT concluded that the 145.41 repeater should be installed at a temporary height until funding for full installation.
  • With the removal of 145.41 from Rib Mountain, NASA Shuttle audio will be carried on 147.06.
  • K9DB Reported that the duplexer loan agreement with BRARA will come due in September. It was decided by consensus that the duplexer agreement be extended for another year under the existing terms. K9DB will pursue with BRARA.


New Business:


Waive Dues for First Year Amateurs:

  • K9DB proposed waiving first year RMRA membership dues for all newly licensed Amateurs. He said he believed such a policy would not require a change to the bylaws as they give the board the authority to set the dues schedule.
  • K9DB moved  and N9ATQ seconded that the following policy be adopted by the RMRA Board:

“Any newly licensed Amateur residing within the footprint of any RMRA repeater is eligible to have the first 12 months of his/her membership dues waived. This 12 month period shall start on the date of license issue for that individual. The applicant shall be subject to all other qualifications and restrictions as any other new member. At the conclusion of the 12 month period, the member may renew his/her membership for the remainder of that fiscalyear at the same pro-rated schedule as if he/she is a new member.”


Topics from the Floor:

  • N9ATQ said that with the call for nominations coming in September, a mass mailing would be appropriate. He volunteered to start assembling a list of all area Amateurs.


Meeting adjourned  20:06 CDT.

Respectfully Submitted,






Paul Nelles K9DB