Fri, May 14, 2021

March 2011 Board Meeting


The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

Sunday 20 March 2011


Prehn Dental Office 2nd Floor Meeting Room, Wausau


Board members/Officers present:

  • Rich Maier KC9NW
  • Dean Andrewjeski K9PT
  • Paul Nelles K9DB
  • Tony Hermanek K9QM
  • Dave Peters KC9LFG

Others present:



Treasurer Brian Seehafer N9ATQ was absent due to another commitment.


The meeting was called to order at 19:28 CDT by President KC9NW. 


Secretary’s Report: K9DB

  • Printed copies of the minutes of the meeting of 17 January 2011 were distributed.

Note: There was no board meeting in February 2011 due to inclement weather.

  • The minutes were accepted as presented by consensus.


Treasurer’s Report: N9ATQ

  • No treasurer’s report given as N9ATQ was absent.


Old Business


Rib Mountain Systems

146.22/.82 Repeater

  • KC9NW - No current issues.
  • No progress on the controller installation. KC9NW reports that he may be able to make progress in the next month.
  • K9PT reported that he has observed desense on both the VHF and UHF systems, so he has removed the amplifiers from both systems. The duplexers were left in line. He and Bill Bergs will continue to work on the problem.

D-STAR Systems

Internet Access:

  • K9PT reported the Rib Mountain internet access has been restored. This restored the D-STAR gateway and autopatch to FM.
  • K9PT will continue to pursue an alternative method of access such as WiFi.


Brighton Repeater

  • 145.41 MHz machine is running with no new issues.
  • See New Business.


Coloma Repeater

  • KC9NW – The repeater is running with no new issues.
  • K9PT – Mark Leibel W9LTA has relinquished the WAR allocations for the Coloma system. The frequency pair of 146.10/146.70 has officially been re-allocated to the RMRA by the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters, although the W9LTA callsign remains on the repeater for the current time.


W9BCC License Renewal

  • W9BCC license will expire this fall. Renewal cannot be submitted until 90 days before expiration. Trustee KC9NW has this date on his calendar.


K9JPS Memorial Callsign Application

  • The application to the FCC for reassignment of K9JPS to the RMRA made in February has been rejected as the FCC had not decommissioned K9JPS as they had no proof of Lew Sheerar’s death. KC9LFG will re-apply with a copy of the obituary.
  • Another option is to contact Dagna Sheerar, Lew’s granddaughter, and ask her to apply for the memorial call as a family member and have her serve as trustee of the repeater. K9DB will contact her.


WX9W Repeater at Wyeville

  • No report as WX9W was not present.


ARES Requests

  • KC9NW – Nothing has been heard from Wisconsin ARES NE District EC Dave Leverson’s N9KNY request for RMRA assistance in the establishment of digital links in the district and surrounding counties made at the 2010 annual meeting.


Proposed Newsletter

  • K9DB presented a prototype copy of an RMRA Newsletter. He suggested quasi-quarterly publication with certain issues being synchronized to the September “call for nominations” and the November annual meeting.
  • Consensus was to publish June and September editions, and then evaluate at that time.
  • For now the name of the newsletter will be “Telemetry”.



New Business


Brighton Repeater

  • K9PT reported that Marathon County has removed two antennas from the Brighton tower but left the brackets and the feedline at the 250 foot level transferring ownership to the RMRA.
  • K9PT proposed to the Wisconsin Educational Board Engineering, a request for permission to install a 2-meter fiberglass antenna and a D-STAR/APRS/Winlink  triband antenna. A response to that proposal came back with a provision raising the site rent from $10 to $20 per month with a 3% annual escalator clause. He will continue to investigate.




Silent Keys

  • Since the January board meeting, Cliff VanDerWall K9WDW has become a Silent Key. His Silent Key page was posted on the website since late January.



Topics from the Floor



Meeting adjourned  20:32 CDT.


Respectfully Submitted,




Paul Nelles K9DB