Thu, May 13, 2021

January 2013 Board Meeting


The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Prehn Dental Office 2nd Floor Meeting Room, Wausau


Board members/Officers present:

  • Rich Maier KC9NW
  • Dean Andrewjeski K9PT
  • Paul Nelles K9DB
  • Dave Peters KC9LFG


Others present:

  • Dan Sharpee N9BXA

The meeting was called to order at 18:15 CST by President KC9NW. 


Secretary’s Report: K9DB

  • Minutes of the last meeting of 16 December 2012 were accepted as read.


Treasurer’s Report: K9PT

  • Estimated balance of $312.97.  
  • The balance is estimated because K9PT does not yet have access to the post office box, where the statements are being sent.
  • K9PT reported that he has been transferred onto the account at US Bank in Rib Mountain as treasurer replacing N9ATQ.
  • K9PT gave a report on “Club Finances in General”:
    • K9PT’s research showed that N9ATQ had changed accounts to prevent service fees from being assessed. However deposits from payments made to Pay Pal were sent to the old account which had been closed. When N9ATQ ordered new checks, the check fee was charged to the account which now had insufficient funds. N9ATQ was in Europe at this time, so he did not receive the overdraft notices and overdrafts continued to accrue to a total of $125.06. N9ATQ covered this personally.
    • K9PT reported that N9ATQ also paid the Brighton Rental fee for 2012.
    • K9PT then presented a power point presentation on the club’s income and expenses. Assuming an income of dues from 20 paying members, there is an annual deficit of about $85. He proposed several modifications to the budget, including dropping the post office box and cancelling insurance.


Old Business:


Request for Post-Grant Report from Wausau Community Foundation:

  • K9DB reported that he is working on, but has not completed the response to the request from the Wausau Community Foundation for a report of the project results paid for by the $2000 grant awarded in 2005.


Trifold Brochure:

  • KC9NW reported that he is in the process of updating the RMRA informational trifold.



  • K9DB reported that the December 1st edition of Telemetry was distributed about December 20th but was dated December 1st. He is now working on the March 1st edition, and appealed to the board for article contributions.


Repeater Linking:          

  • KC9NW reported he is still attempting to acquire equipment for the Tomah repeater. K9PT said it is critical that Fred Prehn WX9W re-apply for the W.A.R. frequency allocations.


New Business:


Cancellation of Club Liability Insurance:

  • KC9NW asked for consensus to drop the RMRA’s liability policy.
  • K9DB expressed concern that club officers might be financially liable if the club was viewed to be irresponsible by dropping coverage. He offered to secure an attorney’s opinion on this.
  • The board decided by consensus to drop the liability policy pending a legal opinion that the officers and members would not be personally liable.


Rib Mountain Systems:

146.22/.82 Repeater:

  • KC9NW reported the IRLP has been experiencing packet losses.
  • K9PT reported that the repeater was experiencing repetitive key up/down cycles. After swapping out the receiver and the PL unit, it was determined that the key-up was coming from off the air on the input. The repeater was taken off the air for the day and the problem disappeared. It is speculated that the interfering input was low power digital or possibly an operator running his unit cross banded into the input.


449.3/444.3 Repeater:

  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.



  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.



  • No outstanding technical issues


Brighton Repeater:

  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.


Coloma Repeater

  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.


RMRA Website:

  • KC9LFG presented a prototype webpage design based on a “Mambo” template. The basic design was well received by the board and he was authorized to continue his development efforts. He appealed to the board members for pictures or other material for the new site.




Board Member Round Table:


Fate of Club Assets:

  • KB9RXA inquired what would happen to club assets if the club were to dissolve. His concern was prompted by a similar experience he recently had with the Wausau Antique Auto Club. The board response was that the RMRA’s tax exempt status requires that the assets be transferred to another tax exempt organization. It was suggested that this is something that should be discussed and incorporated into the club’s by laws.


Meeting adjourned 20:17 CST.


Respectfully Submitted,




Paul Nelles K9DB